The DC Chapter of the AAFP has a primary goal of improving health outcomes for our patients, families and communities through education and advocacy on primary care issues. In committing to this goal as the Board of the DCAFP, we are committed to speaking and advocating on behalf of our members, our patients as well as ourselves. You will notice an increased presence of the DCAFP on local and national topics as it pertains to healthcare, patient advocacy and physician advocacy. We invite you to become more involved in the chapter and let your voice be heard on multiple levels.

AAFP president, John Meigs, MD, spoke strongly in a letter to President Trump about the executive order restricting immigration, stating the chilling effect the order has had on medicine, its potential to reduce patients’ access to care and must be re-evaluated. AAFP News provides more details.

Please click here to view the DCAFP statement regarding the executive order.  DCAFP would like to offer any members who have issues with travel as a result of Presidents Trump’s executive order the opportunity to request DCAFP provide verification of membership and any personal interactions you’ve had with the District of Columbia chapter.

Please contact Finie Richardson, Chapter Executive, or 202.360.8685.