July 28-30 in Kansas City, MO
Scholarship Recipients that Represented the DCAFP Delegation:

• Ali Abdallah, D.O., Unity Healthcare/The Wright Center
• Emmeline Ha, George Washington University School of Medicine
• Mia Riley, MD, Georgetown University/ Providence Hospital
• Pollyanna Sanchez-Martinez, Georgetown University
• Angelique Forrester, Howard University

AAFP National Conference Reflection

Pollyanna Sanchez-Martinez

I cannot thank the DCAFP enough for the opportunity of sending me to my first National Conference. After my first two years of medical school, I began to gain a passion towards primary care and the value of the longitudinal patient physician relationships. This passion is rooted deeply in my own love for my family. I grew up in a multi-generational household of immigrants and often had to translate and help navigate my own family through the health care system.

Emmeline Ha
Ali Abdallah