Dorys Peraza Lizama

Preventive and Chronic Care Program Coordinator
Catholic Charities

I most value the services component of my work and the contact I have with clients. I am able to assist clients as they strive to overcome cultural and economic barriers to health care. The mission of providing the best services for every client that walks through our door is my main goal. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the ability to directly impact the most needy families and individuals and provide them with the resources available through the our organization and additional resources if it is necessary.  I strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction with our services and going above and beyond to be helpful, courteous and pleasant not only with our clients, but my coworkers as well. For me, it is very important to maintain collaboration with others, in my day to day activities and in my extended work environment. This allows me to be successful at what I do. I continue to approach all with respect and value to each individual’s input. When we work together, we find better solutions and improve the services that we provide.